Radalytica and the company Berkhof Construction s.r.o. combined their strengths and years of experience in the field of industrial automation and X-ray imaging.
The result of the cooperation is a new device for automatic X-ray inspection of products directly in the production line.

The design of this device is developed so that the new-generation X-ray detector can be integrated into a stand-alone unit of the whole device connected to the production line and thus fully automate the whole process. Inside the unit there is an imaging technology using very sensitive detector, which is characterized by its unique capabilities such as high resolution, almost unlimited range of grey levels and high sensitivity. It can detect the most subtle differences even light materials.
Nowadays it seems to be indispensable in the final quality control in the food industry even in the case of packaged food intended for sale.
In pharmacology, the correct dispersion of the mixture and the presence of undesirable substances can be detected.
The application into the automotive industry is a benefit in the immediate assessment of the product quality in the production line, and this due to the rapid scanning of up to 2 m.s-1.

Advantages of BERKHOF X-rad

  • It can be used in many industries, from food, pharmacy, electronics to aviation and the automotive industry.

  • Contains advanced X-ray technology to control products at high quality and speed.

  • Integrates several imaging techniques, such as an X-ray or a high-resolution camera to detect surface defects.

  • Real-time image evaluation with help of neural networks.

  • Final verification of 100% of products is also possible without a problem.

  • Thanks to the unique image quality and high resolution, we are able to detect different types of materials such as rubber, plastic, metal or wood.

Quality control 4.0

    Detection of foreign objects
  • Detection of foreign objects in the product during a quality control.

Final verification

  • BERKHOF X-ray imaging

    Final verification of 100% of products is also possible without a problem.
    No matter what you need to see – can, flash, fishbones or the carton box around

Different materials

  • BERKHOF spectral imaging

    Spectral imaging makes easier to identify materials in an image based on differences in their chemical element composition.

Automatic evaluation

  • BERKHOF X-ray imaging

    We use the most advanced technology of artificial neural networks for automatic image evaluation of OK and NOK parts.