RadalyX Applications

Our Robotic Imaging System RadalyX can be used for various purposes. It can help with non-destructive inspection of shaped samples, such as fuselage, wings, propeller blades, etc. It can also be integrated directly into the production line, where it can be used for 100% production control. This will be most appreciated by workers involved in quality control, for example in the rubber industry, food industry, in the control of production of electrical components or plastic mouldings, in the automotive industry, where for example inspection of joints can follow immediately after robotic welding or soldering, and in air transport, where it meets very strict safety standards, mainly for non-destructive testing of the quality of the materials used in the manufacture of aircraft.
Thanks to non-destructive inspection and thus considerable elimination of waste, RadalyX reduces production costs, but also has a significant impact on the environment, e.g. in the rubber, plastics industries, etc.
The robotic system can be retrofitted with a seventh axis (rails) and thus extend the reach of the robotic arm almost without limit. E.g. for checking the 98 m long propeller blade of wind power plant.


Air transport requires extremely strict safety standards. These also apply to non-destructive testing of the quality of materials used for aircraft production. The quality of these components is crucial not only for the safety of passengers, cabin crew and pilots. Radalyx can detect even the smallest defects in size of tens of micrometers. At the same time, the robotic arms allow inspection of hard-to-reach places and irregular structures from different angles. Our technology also enables the development of advanced materials with a view to alleviating the environmental burden of air transport.

  • Landing gear inspection

    Lid-flap mechanism inspection

  • Foreign object detection

    Foreign objects detection


The automotive industry is one of the most diverse in the world. It faces many challenges, whether technological advances, electromobility or safety. These concern both vehicle manufacturers and component suppliers. New development in the automotive industry requires advanced non-destructive technologies. Radalytica meets these requirements with its state-of-the-art robotic imaging system Radalyx, combining X-ray, ultrasound or computed tomography. It can be used for inspection of welds, casings of engine units, bodywork, petrol tanks, braking systems or anything else that requires special attention.

  • Car seat NDT inspection

    Car seat NDT inspection

  • Car seat NDT inspection

    Motor block


X-ray robotic imaging system provides non-destructive analysis of art as well. The major benefits of the system for art analysis are the hyperspectral X-ray imaging, superior image contrast and resolution combined with the viewing flexibility of robots.
Classical X-ray imaging systems measure just the intensity of X-rays passing through the inspected object. Our imaging platform also measures the wavelength of X-rays, allowing differentiation of materials (pigments) in the object, not only based on their overall X-ray attenuation, but also on their elemental composition.
The spectral information can be used in heterogeneous samples where different materials need to be identified. The X-ray images can be “colourised”, emphasising different materials, or can be filtered to extract given materials only.


Our systems „see colors“ of X-rays. It means they take X-ray images containing information about X-ray wavelength and contrary to regular X-ray imaging our devices do a spectral X-ray imaging. The spectral imaging allows recognising material in the samples. This technology allows for example for recognising different tissues in biological samples, pathological changes in small animals within pre-clinical studies or impurities in materials and products.