RadalyX Technology

A unique imaging technology “RadalyX” in the form of 2D and 3D Robotic Imaging System (RIS) is the most modern imaging technology. It is a high-performance platform that is able to combine several imaging techniques, such as X-rays, computed tomography, ultrasound, surface profiling, etc., and is easily adaptable.
The new generation of X-ray imaging detectors provides unprecedented image quality. And all this with spatial resolution up to the micrometric level in a 2D or even 3D image. Radalytica is also working on a version for medicine, which has the potential to allow, for example, computed tomography for examinations for which it is not used today.

New generation X-ray image

Compared to common X-ray imaging technologies, such as films or flat panels, we use Advacam’s new-generation X-ray detectors, which are also used by US NASA in space at the international ISS station for their unique properties.
These imaging detectors are characterized by high resolution, almost unlimited range of grey levels and high sensitivity...
The advantage of using these advanced detectors is the fact that, thanks to their sensitivity, we are able to use up to half the energy of X-rays compared to existing technologies. This implies higher image resolution, but also lower demands on shielding against leakage of X-rays.
This simplifies, reduces the costs and lightens the construction of shielding chambers.

X-ray image of a dry rose demonstrates the unprecedented quality of X-ray imaging. Unlike a standard X-ray device, which is unable to display a dry rose in a vase, an X-ray image of a robotic system using Advacam detectors in high resolution and contrast shows both all the delicate parts of the head and even the stem inside the bottle, at the same time!

Combination of Imaging methods