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Radalytica - Explore the power of our advanced robotic X-ray inspection system.
Radalytica - Improve your QA with our high resoluton X-ray imaging technology.
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Radalytica is the leading provider of X-ray photon counting and spectral imaging services and solutions. Our mission is to deliver the top-class, easy to use 2D and 3D X-ray imaging systems and services based on cutting edge radiation imaging technologies to improve client's research or quality control.
Radalytica delivers cutting edge services and products in X-ray imaging and Computed Tomography. We use the next generation of spectral X-ray imaging detectors.


Radalytica is the leading provider of X-ray photon counting and spectral imaging services and solutions.


Our systems "see colors" of X-rays. It means, they take X-ray images containing information about X-ray wavelength. Contrary to regular X-ray imaging our devices do a spectral X-ray imaging. The spectral imaging allows recognising materails in your samples. This technology identifyies for example:

  • different tissues (e.g. cancer) in biological samples
  • pathological changes in small animals within pre-clinical studies
  • impurities in materials and products
  • defects, cracks, missaligments . . .

and much more, all at micrometric level in 2D or even 3D images.


2D Color-X-Scan

Color-X-Scan is a 2D imaging device that utilizes the cutting-edge photon counting X-ray imaging detectors. The device can measure spectrum of X-rays in every pixel providing a tool to differentiate materials in the sample. Differences in materials are visualized by associating colors with them. Therefore, even materials that are shown in regular X-ray imaging at the same gray level could be differentiated.

Scanner specifications.


  • Spectral X-ray imaging
  • Resolution 30 to 55 µm
  • X-ray tube 50kVp @ 1mA
  • Fiel-of-view 150x133 mm

Typical applications:

  • Small animal imaging
  • Non-destructive testing
    of light materials
  • Electronics inspection


Robotic X-ray scanners

In classical X-ray imaging systems, both the X-ray tube and the detector are fixed, or move only in a limited range of directions (left, right, up, down). Hence, it is not easy, or even possible, to inspect selected areas of larger structures, especially when they have complex shapes.

Contrary to the classical X-ray imaging setups, the robotic system gives nearly absolute exibility of viewing angle. Therefore, robots allow "looking" with X-rays from a different perspective to better localize defects. Moreover, robots further open the possibility of using 3D imaging techniques such as computed tomography or tomosynthesis. These are methods commonly used in X-ray imaging, but with limited applicability on large complicated shapes. Robots overcome this limit. The robotic systems could be used in quality control labs or built into production lines.

Advantages of robotic X-ray imaging systems:

  • Total freedom of sample X-ray viewing angles
  • Cutting edge X-ray imaging detectors sensitive to individual photons and measuring their wavelength for advanced material identification
  • High resolution of 30 to 60 µm
  • Online inspection by an operator
  • Automatic repetitive inspection
  • Easy programming
  • Stand-alone flexible lab systems
  • Possibility to integrate into production lines
  • Extendible to 3D by Computed Tomography and Tomosynthesis
  • Ideal for inspection of samples with complex shapes
  • Area scans

Typical applications:

  • Composite structure inspection.
  • Inspection of critical spots of larger parts (e.g. welds).
  • Laboratory inspection of products and parts.
  • Scan of a composite aileron
  • Inspection of metallic joints inserted into a composite
  • Identification of defects in the composite itself
  • Measured by the robotic system with X-ray tube at 50kVp @ 50W

See the robotic X-ray system model case for details.

See the robotic X-ray system model case for details.

3D Mouse Move

The 3D Mouse Move is a simple plugin to control the robot in real time and in any arbitrary direction or rotation. Simply, once you shift and tilt the 3D mouse, the robot tool will follow the same tilt and shift. UR users position the robot easily by hands using the free-drive button. Yet, when the robot is out of the operator’s reach, the 3D Mouse replicates the same intuitive experience. Such cases happen if the robot is inside another room or within inaccessible areas by the operator. The 3D Mouse can be used to teach the robot during programming or controlling the robot real-time to perform tasks such as scanning, painting, shooting a video, pick-and-place, etc.

More information also here.



Radalytica’s robotic X-ray scanner in BBC World News

May 17, 2018, BBC World News, Click showed Radalytica’s robotic X-ray scanner. The model that appears in the video is under development in collaboration with InsightART company for inspection of art.

Radalytica focus on Non-Destructive Testing on "AIDA-2020 Academia meets Industry" in Bologna, Italy on April 23rd – 24th 2018

Apr 11, 2018, Dual Arm Robotic X-ray imaging system for NDT comprised of two Universal Robots UR5 arms and single photon counting detector produced by Advacam will be presented on Monday, April 23rd at 5.00 p.m. in Salone Bolognini. It will be followed by an “in use” demo session at Radalytica’s booth in Sala Basilicale where the system will be exhibited. All partners, meeting attendees and visitors are welcome to meet us.

Do you wish to learn more? Write us to: info@radalytica.com

Do you wish to learn more?
Write us to: info@radalytica.com

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